I got my ears candled yesterday and today my right ear hurts. What could cause this.?

Q:Yesterday was the third time I had my ears candled and it was by someone new in the business. I have never had problems with any pain in the ear when i had this procedure done before. What could have he done wrong?
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inflamation, infection; could be part of the healing process, watch for signs of infection; reddness, excessive pain, warm to touch.. Heat from the candleing could have been funneled into your ear and burned it. I don’t recommed ear candleing. The idea is sound, but the possibility of damage it too easily a reality.
Call who did your ear candling and see what they will do for you. Maybe you need to go in and get it done again I’m sure they’ll do it free in your right ear, you might have a build up that needed a little more time to break up n drain. Good luck n don’t be scared to call! getting your ears candled is an unsafe process, something during the process could have damaged your ear
As wax is “sucked out”, a drainage action can take place, and shifting can occur. This ( may be ) what is causing you this pain. Have you ever blown your nose and felt a sudden pain in your sinuses? What I’m talking about here is similar. You should call the person who gave you the ear candeling, explain to him what you’re experiencing, and maybe he can help you. If he can’t help, you may want to visit your general practitioner. Ear candling is a hoax. Quit being an idiot and risking your health and money. Source(s):http://www.doctorhoffman.com/candling.htm
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