What the Utah Jazz Need is Time

Unfortunately for the Jazz they have had very little of that.

The Utah Jazz have a very young team mixed in with some good veterans but what they can’t make up for is the time missed in preparing for this season. The Jazz showed that they can win some games at home against sub-par teams (New Orleans, Milwaukee) but showed very little on the road against some pretty decent teams in the Lakers, Nuggets, Spurs. It is hard to watch the Jazz fall behind by so much during those road games knowing that they don’t yet, have the tools to climb back into the game. The Jazz don’t need another trade, they need time to learn how to play together as well as learn the new offense and especially the new defense that Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin is putting in place. Hopefully gone are the days of giving up wide open three pointers. The defense is getting better as the Jazz have demonstrated by holding their opponents to an average of less than 84 points per game during their 4 game win streak while averaging 90 points a game in those wins.

The Utah Jazz have the players to compete they just need to get everything in place that the short offseason didn’t afford them. The month of January will be an important month for the Jazz as they will play 12 of 15 at home and will finally have some time to get things together before they hit the road and find a true test of how competitive they really can be. The favorable home schedule will give the Jazz practice time that they won’t see so much of later in the year when they will be on the road traveling from place to place. Now it may all be for not since King James has claimed the next 2, 3… 7 titles but if the Utah Jazz can get more time, they can at least bring meaningful basketball back to Utah.

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