Ideas for Decorating a Kitchen with Primitive Style

Primitive style in a kitchen does not mean that it lacks the latest and greatest appliances and technology. On the contrary, it is all about looks and visual appeal. It is a decorating style that goes back to the turn of the century when unpretentious and welcoming decor was prevalent in homes across the United States and beyond. While somewhat eclectic, this look can still be as inviting and as quaint as it was almost a century ago. Consider decorating a kitchen with primitive style, and enjoy the beauty of old-fashioned or antique decor and much, much more.

Paint and Antique Existing Cabinets

When seeking ideas for decorating a kitchen with primitive style, do not buy new cabinets. Paint and antique existing cabinets instead, and consider replacing or covering center panels with punched metal. The center panels could also be painted with scenes and designs with primitive style. Consider barnyard animals, serene turn-of-the-century outdoor scenes or other classic designs. Old kitchen cabinets that lack style can be pulled much further into the past and given a completely new look with the help of paint and an antiquing kit.

Choose a Freestanding Beadboard Hutch

If floor space allows, buy a freestanding bead board with an open hutch to lend primitive decorating style to the kitchen. It can be used to hold cookware, and the hutch can be outfitted with hooks for hanging small copper pans or gelatin molds, primitive graters and other antique items. Look for this type of kitchen furnishing at flea markets and antique shops. Decorating with an antique beadboard hutch can completely change the look of the kitchen and give it amazing primitive style, even in a newer home.

Decorate with Copper and Iron

When looking for ways of decorating a kitchen with primitive style, use copper and iron. Hang copper gelatin molds on a bare wall around a dried floral arrangement. Buy a sturdy antique pot rack for holding copper and iron pots, pans and other antique items with a primitive look. Even cast iron cornbread molds make fantastic decorating accessories in a kitchen with primitive style.

Add a Primitive Wood-Burning Stove

If the decorating budget and floor space allows, add a primitive wood-burning stove. Even if it goes unused it will add to the style of the kitchen, especially if it is a highly ornate Monarch wood-burning stove or another eye-catching antique model. Otherwise, opt for a basic black wood-burning stove, and if it is functional, use it to heat pans of homemade potpourri when it is not being used for cooking. It might become a favorite part of the decorating scheme and it will definitely enhance the theme of the kitchen.

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