Install Pop-Up Camper Canvas

Pop-up campers are a type of RV that can collapse for easy storage. When pop-up campers are unfolded and set up, it provides a large amount of space. It’s price, makes it affordable for many travelers. However, after many years of regular use, the harsh elements and the sun can have an adverse effect on your pop-up camper and the canvas may need replacing.

Lay the canvas on a flat surface. Grab the upper edge of the canvas. Find the plastic supporting rods that are sewn into the edges. Crouch down on the floor on the front bed of the camper and push the plastic supporting rods into the metal channels located above the front bed. Sometimes these rods may slide horizontally into the channels.

Tuck in the canvas edges in using a flat-head screwdriver. Start at one corner, working from left to right, until all three sides are secured. Do this with the lower edge of the canvas. Depending on the canvas model, you may need to secure the canvas with screws.

Repeat this process, with the canvas piece across from the door, the rear bed and the two canvas sections next to the door.

Connect all the canvas pieces together with either Velcro or zippers, depending on the model and manufacturer.


Make sure you get the exact replacement canvas for your particular pop-up camper model. If it varies at all, you may not be able to install the new canvas on your camper.

Most pop-up campers will have two canvas pieces that are similar in size and shape for the front and rear slide-out beds. There will also be two smaller canvas sections for next to the door and a rectangular piece for across from the door.

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