Politically Incorrect Life Coaching Pt. 2: Stop Caring About Others; Put Yourself First

Being a woman, it seems like it is one of my natural instincts to put someone ahead of me. I care about other people a lot. Sometimes I think I care a little too much.

Caring about people is not the problem. The problem is that some of us always put other people ahead of us ALL THE TIME. We never ever put ourselves first, and that is the real problem.

We can’t save the world. We can’t save everyone else. We have to save ourselves first. Once we get ourselves in the position that we need to be in, we can properly help others.

No one wants to be thought of as selfish, so we put others ahead of us so that we won’t be talked about. But have you noticed that there is no one putting you first? This is usually how it works. The people that put others first never seem to be first on anyone else’s list.

This is because everyone is taking advantage of you. They know that you will continue to put them #1 on your list with no expectation for them to return the favor. I believe that everyone in your life should be useful in some way. As I heard Kanye West said, “If you’re not useful, then you’re useless.”

We need to have people in our lives that don’t only use us, but they also make themselves useful to us too. If they aren’t useful, then they’re useless and they need to not be in your circle.

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