Rich Dad Poor Dad 2011 Overview

Nowadays “Rich Dad, poor Dad” is more actual then it was published. I want to highlight the most significant ideas of the book and why is it actual for the society.

The first idea is money management; better say money philosophy is a sharp question of modern time. Today when the economy is unstable and the government seems to be so unpredictable the only person you can rely on is yourself. The wealthy life could be achieved through the financial freedom, this inspiration note that author represents in a book opens my eyes. Even the book was published 10 years ago in 2001, Nagoisaki raise a question of financial ignorance among people. In 2011 we can see where it leads us: house foreclosure, credit card debts, high unemployment rate, Dow Johns index hit the lowest point from 1981. And all this happened just because money was spent before they were earned.

The second idea of the book is investment and creature of passive income. Let money work for you and that’s true. Most of us still live according the old rules – work and save money in a bank for the down payment, education, retirement and so on. But nobody cares that average CD and money markets rates are far below the inflation level. Whatever amount you keep in a bank you loose. And IRA accounts with social security would not provide you necessary support in retirement.

The third idea which the author pointed out is education. He says that we have to study constantly all life improving our skills, develop yourself, because the only free tool of money making that everyone has the brain, but not all the people know how to use it. The 21 century is a century of information and information technology. The person who knows the information rules the world, because information is a power. The college and school gives you degree (work for money), but they don’t provide you with instructions how to spend it.

The forth idea is psychological aspect of the book – goal setting and a question formulation. After I read ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad” I used his advice about the question formation. Instead of saying ” I can’t afford it” I say “How can I afford it?” and it’s really works. You catch the idea of the thought. How wonderful it is. Little trick for big results of self-improvement.

In conclusion, I would like to say money management, investments, self-development and modern view of life are amed to help us avoid or if we are already in , leave the rat race, rat race about we even didn’t know before met ” Rich Dad, poor Dad”. The book left a deep impression on me and made me to reorganize my life and review my goals. Now I know even 10K paycheck a month wouldn’t make me rich unless I do right investment and take care of my future. We definitely need education, but it’s not everything we often still have to learn and think outside the box. Money plays a big role in our life and we should accept it and make money play for you.

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