Senior Activities in Indianapolis, Indiana

Once Americans reach a certain age they have plenty of experiences under their belt that many of us could learn life lessons from. They have experience with marriage, children, career changes, moving between cities, cooking, and traveling. Seniors may feel that those experiences are now coming to an end, but there are plenty of ways in Indianapolis, Indiana that they can socialize and enhance their mind, body, and spirit.

Being active and socializing are important aspects in a senior citizens life to help keep them in good health and to fight depression that can come along with being alone most of the time. The YMCA of Greater Indianapolis is a safe environment for those who are looking to be active. They provide several choices for those looking to be active and those classes vary in what extent they would like to workout.

Zumba Gold classes are offered for those who want to dance and exercise. The movements are geared for the seniors and are set at appropriate paces and movements. This form of Latin inspired dance helps to get seniors moving can be a good cardio workout for them as well. Zumba classes are offered in many different places across the city, but this is best for the seniors. Zumba participants are getting a wonderful aerobics workout with fabulous music and plenty of fun!

Other classes that are offered at the YMCA are Arthritis Exercise and Silver Sneakers. The Arthritis Exercise takes aerobics into a shallow pool of water. Water aerobics have been proven to be a great healing exercise for seniors with arthritis, fibromyalgia, or injuries. Seniors can benefit from the water exercises as it can help them move easier which makes being active much easier. If seniors are looking to increase their muscular strength, then they will want to take part in the Silver Sneakers program. This program is also geared to the limits that seniors can have, but it also pushes them to be more active than they might normally be.

The Primelife Enrichment Center also can get seniors moving and keep them moving. Primelife Enrichment Center offers water aerobics, Aquatic-Chi classes as well as dance, computer instruction, and art classes. The water aerobics are offered in a pool that is a constant 86 degrees and is geared towards the exercises that seniors need. Aquatic-Chi is a new experience that many seniors have not ever taken part in before so it might present them with a challenge, but it is a exciting program that strengthens and relaxes the body.

Seniors can take part in gentle yoga, scrap booking, and even line dancing. Each of these classes can help seniors to be active, make new friends, and keep their experiences growing in a time that they might tend to slow up and do less. Plus, these experiences can keep their mind actively working.

For seniors who might need a little help, the Primelife Enrichment Center is a wonderful place for them as well. They offer health education classes once a month with experts from St. Vincent Hospital to aid seniors in taking care of their own health issues. They also offer respite/attendant care, which provides temporary relief for caregivers for those seniors. They also offer in home assistance, transportation assistance, and even homemaking assistance for those seniors who might not have anyone to help them with those types of issues. They could be considered a helping hand for seniors!

For seniors who might have decided that art is a hobby that they would like to pursue or for the seniors who want to continue their art habit, the Indianapolis Art Center could be the perfect place for them. Here they can participate in art classes, jewelry making, or even weaving classes. Seniors will love the weekly lessons in a friendly environment while learning in a studio environment. On Thursday, seniors are furnished lunch while being encouraged to enjoy the fellowship and time to make new friends. Seniors can learn from one another and can enjoy meeting new people who may have some of the same interests as they do.

The Arthur M. Glick JCC is another option for seniors looking to keep their body, mind, and spirit fresh. Here seniors will be able to learn to play the harmonica, cook a meal, and become an actor or actress, along with many other skills and hobbies. These classes are designed to enhance the lives of seniors and foster a sense of belonging.

Seniors need to be aware that they can get their creative juices flowing and that there are many programs out there for them. It may take some time to find just the right classes, but keep trying and keep learning. An active mind will stay healthier and happier than one of a senior who just gives up and assumes that they are no longer able to have fun and participate in activities.

Source: Senior Health Fair

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