Spring Break Travel Preparedness

In the coming weeks, many college students will be heading out on spring break. Many will travel from the north to the south in search of warm weather and group fun. Some students will travel to the Florida area, some to the Gulf Coast, and others will head south of the border. This article provides some safety preparedness considerations for spring break travel.

Before You Go
Always budget what you plan to spend. Think on the conservative side of your spring break travel. The two key elements for spring break travel are people and location. This is what most travel individuals are looking for, so budget only for what you really need.

Take only what you need. You will probably buy a few items on your trip anyway. Leave expensive jewelry and clothing home or in your dorm.

Let people know where you are going — be specific. Leave hotel addresses and phone numbers with individuals back home. Set a check-in time with parents and friends and stick to it.

Make sure you have insurance cards in your wallet. Many spring break travelers will need medical assistance, so don’t get caught without the proper ID and insurance cards.

Take only one or two credit cards. Use the lower amount cards. This is just common sense, because if you get robbed or your cards get lost, you have less to lose.

Mark your clothes and belongings. Identifying your belongings makes travel easier.

Travel Safety
Stay with the crowd. In most cases, you are safer traveling in a group. This is at all times. Never venture into unfamiliar places alone, and let others know your destination for the day.

Carry light. Only carry valuables that you need for the night. Find a place in your hotel to hide or store valuables. Carrying extra cash is a bad idea; you should only take what you need. Leave your credit card and other important information in your room or locked up in the hotel safe.

Use a travel pouch on your belt or waist, and keep this to your front side. Stash your wallet and cash in this pouch. You can also keep your phone and camera in it, too.

Lock your hotel door. Always lock your door when you are out and when you are in.

Let’s face it, the main reason behind spring break travel is partying. Know what you are drinking and eating. If you drink, go slow and nurse your drink along. Always drink on a full stomach. However, food south of the border can make you sick, and the same is true with the water.

If you plan on being sexually active, practice safe-sex tactics. Let others (close friends) know who you are with. Know where you are and who you are with. Always leave yourself a way out. This is especially important if you are with a stranger.

You can have a great spring break travel experience by using common sense and following the suggestions above.

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