The Voices of Fall

I walked on decomposed leaves as the wind played with my hair and whispered to me how they were successful at robbing the tree of its covers that kept it warm for the winter.

The trees, which were once, covered by a rainbow sea of leaves shining in the sunlight at their fullest, now bare shivering in the wind and moaning in the cold begging for their leaves to be returned.

I heard the sound of church bells off in the distance as a spinning funnel of leaves spun and made noises, talking and crunching at each other as they were painfully ripped from the arms of its owner.

The smell of rotting pumpkins filled the air in a thickness as they stared from their spots as they made faces of confusion.

I took in and enjoyed autumn’s air as we whispered to each other , the air tickled my face and threw leaves at me as if trying to be playful, so I kept walking and walking as I whispered to the voices of fall.

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