Volunteer Opportunities in the South East Michigan Area

People volunteer for many reasons internship, a hobby, and some people find an organization they love and genuinely help out. Since the economy has taken a dip and jobs are scarce many people are volunteering to fill their time with something positive and some are volunteering to stay sharp in their careers. Either way if you live in the greater Detroit area here are 3 good volunteer tips for all ages!

Football season has just begun and as the headline reads Detroit Lions Collection – Volunteers Needed “We are looking for individuals to come and help collect clothes and pass out flyers at the following Detroit Lions Home games.” This is a great opportunity they are looking for ages 18-55 plus, and they are also allowing volunteers 55+ to volunteer in groups of up to 5. As a reminder you should act fast on this opportunity because their advertising states they only need 2 people per game, but if this sounds like something you are interested in you should call and ask for more information. If they truly need volunteers I doubt they will turn down more help. The name of this organization is Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit and they are interested in helping the community, environment, and employment. Keep in mind that a lot of jobs start off as volunteer opportunities. Everything you need to know is listed below.

Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit

Event Date: Sunday, September 18, 2011

Event Time: 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Game Time: 1:00 PM EST vs.

Kansas City Chiefs

Number of Volunteers: 2 for each game

Location: Detroit Ford Field

Requirements: None

Parking Downtown: Compuware Garage (Gratiot Avenue and Farmer Street) – $10.00

How to apply Please call Chris Fichter 313-557-8793 or email [email protected] .

I have volunteered at the St. Clair County Library. I learned a lot and they like to help the community and can stand a few more volunteers. The headline reads St. Clair County Library Literacy – You Can Help “The only free adult one-to-one tutoring service available in St. Clair County.” If you love to read, help others learn, or is an aspiring teacher this will be a great experience for you. The organization is called St. Clair County Library Literacy Project , and they specialize in teaching adults who have low reading skills. Here you can help in more ways than one. For instance, if you do not want to help others read or may have low reading skills yourself you can actually recruit other people to volunteer for this organization. You may not feel as if you are helping out directly, but trust me if it was not for you helping to find volunteers another person struggles. They just want you to get the word out there, so you can post bulletins at your job or even write a paragraph about this opportunity in you company’s newsletter. Any form of communication that is promised to reach people can help. This is all this organization asks of you, and you are still helping out by volunteering. Call 810-987-READ(7323) ext. 156

I have volunteered at the Thomas Edison Depot Museum and it was a good experience, the headline reads “Can’t make a monetary or physical donation? Help us at our events. Volunteer with the museum and share your knowledge with our visitors. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more information. Please fill out application and fax to 810-982-0053 or call Anita Varty at 810-982-0891 ext 118 to set up an appointment.” Either I was helping out when schools had a field trip, assisting an educational experiment, or working in the gift shop, I was busy. If you like being around children and other people this is a good volunteer opportunity for you, but if you do not then you should seek volunteering elsewhere. As a reminder you are going to need 3 references before you can actually begin volunteering. This process is speedy; it took a week before I could begin. Volunteering here was always interesting and never boring. Be prepared to learn a lot! Call Anita Varty at 810-982-0891 ext.

Happy volunteering!

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