Mini Bass Boats : Inflatable Boats for the Cost Conscious Bass Fisherman

This article is for those of you who are interested in mini bass boats, but don’t really know where to begin. I’m going to outline some of the more popular inflatable boats that are used for bass fishing. When it comes to mini bass boats, inflatable boats are certainly a viable alternative, especially for the cost conscious bass fisherman.

Inflatable boats are probably the most cost effective way to outfit yourself with a boat and are certainly some of the most convenient options on the market today. I will list three of the best inflatable boats that are available for bass fishermen and some of the good and bad points of each. This article will give you information about these popular mini bass boats so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Outcast Pontoon Boats – These mini bass boats are for one to two anglers. They can be used in any bass fishing situation, but are most conducive for river fishing. The only downside to these mini bass boats is the fact that your feet are in the water, so waders are a good idea. These small fishing boats are powered by a pair of oars and are probably best known as fly fishing boats. These inflatable boats are very high quality and make for excellent boats for one to two anglers Inflatable Kayaks – Although kayaks aren’t normally thought of as “bass boats” inflatable kayaks make excellent mini bass boats. These inflatable boats are also the most cost effective version of mini bass boats. The key is to purchase your boat from a quality manufacturer. A good manufacturer will stand behind their kayak with things like money back guarantees and free trial periods. Although inflatable kayaks will comfortably carry more than one angler, inflatable kayaks are best used by one person if fishing is the goal. Inflatable kayaks are the most cost effective of all small boats, but are probably the least comfortable to fish from. FoldCat Pontoon Boats – FoldCats are also Pontoon boats with the big difference being the fact that you sit above the water on a platform. These mini boats can be powered by oars or a small outboard motor, the choice is yours. These boats carry from one to four anglers and are probably the best suited of all mini bass boats. These inflatable pontoon boats are great for bass fishing, and cost a fraction of what a traditional bass boat costs. Their portability and ease of use is unmatched by almost any mini bass boat. The value of these boats is best seen in pond and lake fishing situations, although fishing from a FoldCat in medium to large sized rivers works well also.

The bottom line is that any of these mini bass boats are a great choice for the cost conscious bass fisherman. As long as you purchase your inflatable boat from a quality manufacturer your boat will last for many years of fishing enjoyment.

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