September 11 the Second Day that Will Live in Infamy

Tomorrow will be the tenth anniversary of the attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon or ‘the second day that will live in infamy’. It is one of those days that by the shear magnitude of the tragedy that even those that only heard about it will never forget where they were or what happened. Even without memorial statues, plaques, or any of the other physical items it has affected so many lives that it is burned into most peoples memories.

Quickly after the events unfolded the conspiracy theories started to circulate. One of the biggest of these was that the administration at that time was involved in the horrible events. Then there were the others, such as, the world trade was rigged for demolition, the pentagon was targeted by are own government, the calls that came from the plane in Pennsylvania were faked, and the list goes on. The explanation on a few of these theories haven’t cleared up everything but they have been good enough to show the ridiculousness of all of those theories.

The ways that the day will be remember tomorrow are as diverse as the people in this country. Some will watch specials retelling the horrors and courage shown on that day, others might sign memorial walls that have been erect in various locations, and still others will actual travel to the site where the two towers stood.

One group that will be traveling to New York is a group of firefighters from Lakewood that left her last week on their motorcycles. They were joined on the way by other ‘first responders’ and arrived in time to join a memorial service in one of the place these attacks took place.

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