Why do our noses get stuffy when we are sick

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Stuffy noses are caused when membranes in the nose swell from a cold or infectious allergy. Try breathing deep through the mouth. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-our-noses-get-stuffy-when-we-are-sick ]
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Why do we get stuffy noses when we are sick?
Sinus infections and inflammation of the mucous membranes cause the whole sinus system to break down and malfunction. It can even adversely affect your hearing as your nose, throat and ears are all interconnected and a defect or problem in …
Why does your nose get stuffy when your sick?
mucus builds in your nasal cavities when your body senses that it’s sick… the mucus it meant to protect your nose from being aggravated by germs and sickness. It’s a natural process.
Can a 3 week old get sick with a stuffy/runny nose that causes la…?
Yes. Babies are obligate nose breathers and are not used to breathing through their mouth. if her nose is that stuffed up, then it may cause SOME labored breathing. Get some saline, and suction her nose out to help clear it out. That should…

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How can we help our 3-week old newborn with her stuffy nose?
Q: Our little lady has a stuffy nose (mommy and I both got sick and poor little one seems to have caught our sniffles). We’ve been doing nasal drops and aspirating as we can, as well as letting her sleep in the bouncy chair to help with drainage, but she still gets very “gurgly” as the gunk settles in the back of her throat. We also keep a humidifier going in the bedroom all night.Pediatrician says it needs to run its course…just would love to help her breathe easier if we can do anything. Any hints or tips?
A: Overall there isn’t much you can do to ease her suffering. Your pediatrician is right, this will need to run its course. *gentle hugs for the little one*Keep her upright as much as you can so she doesn’t get really congested and it also helps to keep her nasal passages from draining so much into her lungs.It’s good to keep the humidifier on as much as possible as it helps to loosen up the phlegm and mucus. As an extra boost that will also help her keep calm as well as her breathing, you may want to add in some dried lavender and dried chamomile to the humidifier. This will steam up into the air and when it’s inhaled, it gives a calming, soothing effect and also helps some with the congestion. Other than that, there isn’t really much else you can do for her. Her body will take care of itself in its own time. Just keep her warm and give her extra cuddles.What you need to keep a lookout for is any sign of fever.That’s what I did when I went through this with little ones.Best of luck!
kids sick when they come from their moms?
Q: My finace and I have noticed that his 2 children (age 5 and 7) always come to our home every other weekend sick. They have runny stuffy noses and sometimes complain of headaches. We have had the kids all summer (she gets them every other weekend) and they have not been sick at all. This weekend is the first weekend she has got them and when I picked them up this morning they were sniffling and blowing their noses a lot. I do know their grandparents smoke, as their mother resides with them in the same house. I asked if they smoke in the house but the kids say no. What else could cause this? allergies from pets? mold? Thanks in advance!please excuse me sarah, I can spell and I am human enough to make mistakes while typing….sorry for the typo!!Thank you for all of the thoughtful answers and not so thoughtful answers. I really wanted to get an idea from you all even though you cannot diagnose the problem I feel many of you are intellegent and bright and I can always count on a good opinion! I found out that it is smoking that the grandparents do and that they don’t care if they blow it in their faces because they did it to their kids when they were young. Terrible isn’t it? Thanks for the answers though
A: 1. Even if they don’t smoke in the house when the kids are there, they smoke in the house every other time!!2. These kids are severely allergic to smoke3.start taking them to the doctor EVERY time they come to you sick4. This could be enough for your fiance to gain custody…
What is it about flying that makes our body so much weaker???
Q: check this outhttp://www.goltv.tv/en_index.php?target=en_noticiasafp&sort=id&newsid=16831i dont get it.why does flying make you 7 TIMES more likely to catch a cold and is such a problem.i fly every single summer and about 2 of those times ive gotten a little sick like stuffy nose and 1 time i had a bad headache but was ok the next day.besides rich ppl like the one in the article TRAVEL in luxury planes so they shouldnt feel it they can sleep or do w/e but they shouldnt feel these things.what is it about flying that makes us sick???yes but its not like you are actually in iti mean the temperature is extremely high up there too but you dont feel it because the plane is heated.so surely isnt it the same with pressure?i mean extremely low i make a correction.the temperature is extremely low up there in the clouds but we dont feel it.
A: because your oxygen levels change
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