Basil Travel Shampoo Powder

While camping, sometimes a dry shampoo that only needs a little water to lather and rinse can be very convenient. It is lightweight, compact and easy to pack. It uses very little water and does not hurt the environment if rinsed into the ground water and natural water sources. The recipe can be modified to meet your preferences, exchanging different herbs that you might favor more than basil. I often add some rosemary or lavender depending on what herbs are handy when I am making a batch, and the current state of my hair.

2 Teaspoons of borax powder
1 Teaspoon baking soda
½ Cup of finely grated castile soap
1 Tablespoon of dried basil or 3 Tablespoons of fresh chopped basil


1. Put all of the ingredients together in an airtight container. A Ziploc bag or small Tupperware container works best. I prefer the bag, because it is the most flexible in packing.
2. Seal and shake the bag well before using.

To Use:
1. Shake the bag well to be sure the ingredients are well blended.
2. Pour a small amount of the shampoo powder into our hand.
3. Add a little water to the power in your hand in order to create a paste.
4. Massage the paste onto your scalp and then through your hair.
5. Rinse well with water.
6. Condition and style as desired.

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