Free Minnie Mouse Pumpkin Stencils

Minnie Mouse is the lovable Walt Disney character and sweetheart to Mickey Mouse. She is a cute character to carve onto a Halloween pumpkin especially for little girls.

Free Disney Stencil

If you are looking for a free stencil of Minnie Mouse, you can find one on the Disney family website. They have an easy carving pattern of her familiar smiling face. She is also wearing a giant bow in the design. Download the free PDF file. (You need Adobe Acrobat to download the PDF file).

Carving Stencils to Buy

Tink: If you or child love Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse this pattern combines the two. Here she is flying and dressed up as the fairy Tinkerbell (also known as Tink). It is a cute but somewhat challenging design to carve on a pumpkin. It costs one credit.

MM Minnie Mouse: This is a similar pumpkin stencil as the one from the Disney family website, but it is more challenging to carve because it requires both cutting and shading. It can be printed out with a minimum three dollar credit purchase.

Witch: This is a great Halloween themed pattern of the Disney character. She is dressed as a witch and standing next to cauldron. It costs $3.95 to use.

Other Halloween Ideas

Orc: Orc from Lord of the Rings. .99 cents.

Where the Wild Things Are: The Wild Things carving pattern. $3.95

Scarlet Pumpernickel: Scarlet Pumpernickel is a Looney Tunes character actually played by Daffy Duck.

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