Introducing Your Children to Kindergarten in Phases

Have you ever heard about phasing in? Well if you have ever had a child in daycare, preschool, or, kindergarten then you probably have. This is where a parent will gradually get their child used to spending time away from them. For example on the first day of school, or daycare the parent may stay for the entire class. The next day they may stay for half the class. The basic idea is to gradually get the child used to the new environment so that it is less traumatic. Being curious about this topic, I chose to speak to several teachers and parents to get their view.

The problem that many teachers and even some parents I spoke with see is that this can actually make things worse. Some parents even feel it is best to use the phase in process for everything. From eating at the dinner table, to making friends. How you choose to raise your children is a personal choice, but when they are about to enter school, what you do can affect others. Some teachers have even pointed out to me the fact that in some cases it can make it difficult for the child to make friends, or even bond with the teacher. In fact about 50 percent of the teachers I spoke with stated that they find children react better and adapt quicker, when parents don’t phase in. Instead they like to ask all parents to say a brief, see you later, and to leave the classroom. Of course some cry, and some even throw tantrums.

However the teachers I spoke with stated that this only last for about 10 min, or even less for some. By the end of the day the kids have bonded and are enjoying their new learning environment. After a few days kids are used to the routine especially since they know there parents are coming back to get them. Teachers say however that more and more parents feel that a gradual introduction is best for their children. Some schools have recommended schedules for phasing the children into schools, but some parents even don’t stick to this. There is an easier solution that some teachers feel is a lot more beneficial and that is simply to prepare your child for their first day of school. The internet is full of things that you can do in order to prepare your children. Remember that the more excited they are about school, the less upset they will be when they get there. Of course there may still be a few tears, but the key is to allow your child to adjust without coming to rescue.

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