Nick Jr’s Top Five Educational Shows

What’s the difference between Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon, you ask? Quite a big one, actually. I’m sure we can all agree that Nickelodeon is great. Who doesn’t love Spongebob and Fairly Oddparents? But what do these shows teach our children? Nickelodeon is geared for children of all ages, while Nick Jr. is geared more toward toddler’s and kindergarten aged children. Plus, it’s actually educational! Normally, Nickelodeon is included on all basic cable and satellite packages, while Nick Jr. is normally part of the premium packages that cost a little more. Below, I’ve included five of the top educational shows on Nick Jr., showing you why the couple extra dollars are well worth it.

Moose and Zee
– Instead of commercials, Nick Jr. uses the cartoon character’s of Moose and Zee to add to the education Nick Jr. provides. Zee, a little blue bird, along with his pal Moose, take your kids on adventures that teach them their ABC’s and 123’s. With no commercials, Moose and Zee are bound to hold your child’s attention, as well as teach them. What parent wouldn’t want that?

Wow Wow Wubbzy – Wubbzy, a yellow, two dimensional critter with a wiggly tail, is one of my two year old’s favorites. Wubbzy, along with his buddy’s Widget and Walden, go on adventures in their pastel world, teaching your child etiquette along the way.

Oobi – Much loved in my house, Oobi, his sister Uma, and his grandfather Grampoo only use very, very simple vocabulary, teaching your little ones the most basic of English. This show will definitely hold your toddler’s attention, seeing as how Oobi and his friends are actually just hands. Yes, that’s right, they’re simply hands with googly eyes. But trust me, after watching this show, your kids will be playing their own version of Oobi with you in no time.

Little Bear – As my four year old’s favorite, Little Bear and his friends will quickly become a part of your family. Little Bear, with his friend’s Duck, Cat, Owl, and Hen, teach your children many things while keeping them laughing. With Owl’s grouchiness, Hen’s prissiness, Cat’s playfulness, Duck’s silliness, and Little Bear’s innocence, this show will teach your child how to use their imagination; and more importantly, it will teach them about true friendship.

Ni Hao Kai Lan – This show, featuring the little girl Kai Lan, is a jewel. Geared more toward toddlers, this show uses repetition to teach your children Chinese words; but mainly, Ni Hao Kai Lan teaches them how to deal with different emotional and social situations like jealousy, anger, and fear.

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