Reuse Your Old Scented Candles!

Old scented candles are typically candles that still have some life left in them, but have been burned down to the point where the wick can no longer be reached, or the candle has just simply been forgotten. Most of these old scented candles just get thrown away, but there are a ton of things you can do with these old candles if you really thought about it! Here are a few great ways to reuse your old scented candles.

Remove the lid off an old scented candle and place it in your car during the night under your seat. Remove the candle in the morning before work (or leave it in the car during the day) to allow its scent to waft in your car and make your car smell yummy! Just be careful to remember the candle is in the car, as the wax will melt during the day in those hot temperatures in your car, and you don’t want that wax spilled all over.

note: if the wax does melt and you are concerned about the candle wax getting all over your car, don’t worry- a simple plastic bag will work to dump all that loose wax in. And you can use that loose wax that will firm up in that plastic sack as well- if you have a candle warmer or burner, place the loose dried wax in a candle warmer or burner and enjoy super cheap scented candle cubes you ‘made’ yourself!

If you place an old scented candle near the window, the hot sun will melt down the wax and reactivate the scent to that candle that formerly had smell. Now you can enjoy that candle again without throwing it out! Want that smell all over your house? Scoop out some of that melting wax with a spoon and place the wax you’ve scooped out on a napkin to place in cupboards or closets, or place some of that melting scented candle wax in a candle warmer or burner to further activate the scent in the candle!

If the scent isn’t so strong in your candle any longer but it’s got lots of wick and wax left, simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the dry candle before lighting (make sure to apply the drops away from the wick to prevent a big flame when you light- or better yet, rub the essential oil of your choice over the surface of the candle wax with a napkin prior to lighting to transfer the scent). This way, you can enjoy your candle and still get a great scent out of it as well. Lavender, cinnamon, and vanilla essential oils work best (in my experience) to create a lovely scent again out of your old scented candles.

Shave come of that candle wax out of the scented candle and put the wax in your potted plants to keep out cats and bugs. Cats are sensitive to the scent in the candle wax, and they won’t be tempted to dig and bury so much. Choose an orange or lemon scented candle wax to place in your potted plants and you won’t have to worry about bugs either (often, for cats, hanging a scented car freshener tree in the back of your flower pot can work wonders to keep the critters from leaving presents in your soil as well).

Put your oven on ‘warm’ and melt down several old scented candles at once, then pour the varying candle waxes into one large candle. The color and scent contrast is completely homemade, and you can salvage many old scented candles this way. Allow each candle you pour to ‘set’ into a nontransparent stage before adding the next candle wax. Wear an oven mitt to prevent burning your hands if the candle containers are too hot from the oven. In my oven, it takes about half an hour to melt down old candles with the setting on ‘warm’.

So the next time you’re at a yard sale and you see a bunch of old candles for a few cents, or you see these half-used scented candles in a thrift store, don’t pass them by- pick them up! On the cheap, there are a ton of things you can use those old scented candles for, including remaking them into a whole new and lovely smelling candle customized just by you!


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