Great Ski Resorts in Western Wisconsin

While skiing is typically considered to be reserved for individuals who live in the Rocky Mountains or the ranges of Europe, there are a number of ski resorts in western Wisconsin that have become quite popular. Though these resorts may be small, their quality is second to none. Individuals who are not experienced in the art of downhill skiing can enjoy the scenic beauty at these resorts, have a great meal, or even take a trip down the tubing hills. No matter your age or ability level, these facilities are guaranteed to please!

Mount La Crosse

Mount La Crosse is perhaps one of the largest ski resorts not only in western Wisconsin, but in the entire Midwest. Located on the outskirts of La Crosse, Wisconsin, Mount La Crosse regularly offers skiing classes for students from both Viterbo University, as well as the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Mount La Crosse is also home to one of the largest downhill racing tournaments in the Midwest, which features both professional and amateur athletes. This charming resort offers ski runs that vary quite a bit in difficulty level, with some paths that are easy enough for beginners and others which may challenge even the most experienced professional.

Bruce Mound

Located about 50 miles to the west of Mount La Crosse, Bruce Mound is another charming ski resort. Unlike Mount La Crosse, which is quite large and modern, Bruce Mound is a small facility designed mostly for families with beginning skiers. This facility has gained a reputation as being great for children, with both is reasonable pricing and modest ski runs. In addition, the tubing facilities at Bruce Mound mean that individuals who need a break from the slopes can still have a great time. Many schools located around the Bruce Mound ski resort bring elementary school classes to the facility as a reward or prize during the school year-and while this is a great trip for students, it can create a bit of chaos for other skiers who may be present. Consider calling the resort a few days before your trip to determine if any large groups have booked the facility. While there will still be plenty of room for you to ski, you may have to be on the lookout for beginning and “hot dog” skiers.

Afton Alps

Afton Alps is perhaps the most exclusive of the facilities described in this article. Located 3 miles across the border, Afton Alps is not in Wisconsin, but rather extreme eastern Minnesota-but as it is so close to Wisconsin; it was still included in this list. Though Afton Alps once banned snowboarders at their facility, they are now welcome-along with ski bladders and ski bikers. This wide range of activities means that skiers at Afton Alps must constantly be on the lookout for other individuals, so as to prevent possible injury.

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