Memory Stroll

The fall has passed and the air has chilled and the leaves have already fallen.

Wind blows on my face as I walk down the street and numbs my nose.

I see the stars in the sky and I automatically know that summer is gone

and fall is soon to follow as winter slowly creeps along. The houses twinkle

with holiday cheer. They are all decorated with lights, snowman, candy canes, and

reindeer. You can see in the windows the tall trees that stand proud, while covered

in color lights, ornaments, and all the things we made as a child. Seeing these things brings

back those years where tears could be dried with the promise Santa is near. The days where life

was simple and filled with thoughts of toys and Santa in his sleigh with his eight reindeer.

Now we see the same twinkle in the eye’s of our child as they bake the cookie’s

for Santa’s arrival and hurry off to bed to dream of magic of tomorrow.

As the temperature drops I come back to the present and

smile as the end of my walk grows near, because now I truly know

Christmas time is here.

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