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The city of Cancun, Mexico is a world-famous vacation destination. Known to many as the dream Spring Break location for millions of American high school students, Cancun has a more mature side as well. Whether you want to spend your time on the beach, at one of the hundreds of night clubs, or adventuring, Cancun has a well-rounded mix of attractions and a huge selection of accommodations to go with them.

Cancun is the name of the city, but what many consider Cancun is the “Zona Hotelera” (Tourist Zone). This is a narrow strip of land, 14 miles long, separated from the Mexican mainland by Nichupte Lagoon. This strip thus has the lagoon on one side and the open Caribbean Sea on the other. Vacations in Cancun almost always center around this area, which is home to most of the big name all-inclusive resort chains. Go in the summer or fall for reduced room rates and smaller crowds, but be aware that this is also the Caribbean’s most active time for storm activity.

Le Blanc Spa Resort is generally regarded as a top all-inclusive resort in Cancun, and winner of Expedia’s Traveler’s Choice Award in 2011 in the all-inclusive and luxury categories. At least partially because of the free-flowing alcohol, the resort is adults only–like many of the all-inclusive hotels in Cancun. Le Blanc is relatively new to the Cancun scene, and its stark white modern design makes it feel like it belongs on Miami Beach. It has been described as a bargain, with relatively inexpensive room rates given the quality of the rooms and other amenities. Its gym overlooks the lagoon, rooms are luxurious but not overdone, and there is no shortage of swimming pools with swim-up bars. This is a sleek and cool place to stay, even to those jaded by the all-inclusive category. Although it is the most popular with young professional couples in their mid-30s, Le Blanc has something to offer every age group.

Vacations in Cancun don’t need to cost a small fortune. At the budget end of the Cancun hotel spectrum is Suites Sina, an inn on the lagoon with big rooms, great views and a friendly staff. A few minutes from the main drag, you can save a lot of money by opting for Suites Sina’s toned-down amenities. The Omni Beach Resort is described as a “quaint” all-inclusive, two terms than normally don’t go together. Their strip of beach is dotted with palm frond-covered umbrellas, and you’ll have several restaurants to choose from. The staff at the Omni Beach Resort is highly rated–vacationers rave about finding special treats in their rooms upon mentioning they’re in Cancun for a special occasion like a wedding anniversary.

Of course, vacations in Cancun don’t need to revolve around laying on the beach with a mimosa in hand. A popular, and somewhat unusual, Cancun activity is called “Can Cook in Cancun.” It’s a day-long cooking class with a Mexican chef that will let you take something back home besides the typical touristy knick-knack: new recipes. You’ll learn about local ingredients and how to cook them, as well as how to recreate the recipes you learn with items you can find back at home. More mainstream activities include swimming with dolphins, horseback riding along the beachfront, and hitting the greens on one of Cancun’s many golf courses. Last but not least, before you go you’d be well-advised to make a reservation to dine at Peter’s Restaurante. This family owned and operated eatery is well-loved by just about everyone who has visited, and with desserts like tequila key lime cheesecake, it’s no surprise why.

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