Can’t You See?

Working so hard

Day after day

Brought up to believe that if you work hard

Do what you can

You can be all you ever wanted to be

But in this day and age

Where the recession has set in

Working, working, working to get deeper and deeper in debt

Finally found the power to stay above the water but

Still working, working, working

Pay cuts

Upside down mortgage

Wanting to give the kids all they want and deserve

But reality slaps the face

Material doesn’t matter

Can’t you see the higher power?

Can’t you feel the spiritual energy surrounding us?

It’s forcing us all to see….

What’s really important…

To live and breathe,

To love and laugh…

Live simply.

The meaning of life is not how much money you make

It’s about how many smiles you spread….

Have you made someone’s day a little simpler today?

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