My Stay at Home Secret

I wake up at 6 AM every morning and hit the ground running. I am the mother of two beautiful twin boys, who love to keep me very busy during the day. I am easy to spot in a crowd. I am the woman chasing after two little boys wearing a tank top in the dead of winter. Why? The likely culprit is the non-stop energy of my twins. It can also be the puppy who is high energy, the parent’s group I run or the numerous writing jobs I do in between everything that is required to run a household. I am stay-at-home mother incarnate, the whole package, and I work up quite a sweat doing it.

I decided to try Secret Clinical Strength Sensitive Skin because I have gone through a number of antiperspirants. I usually shower at night once my kids are finally in bed for the night. I will then apply deodorant before bed and come morning I am usually going too fast to remember to put it on (kids yelling, dog crying to go out). I notice throughout the course of the day that I need to reapply the deodorant by afternoon or sooner due to sweating. I realize that I run a bit more ragged than most on a given day, but I did want a product that would keep up with my busy lifestyle as there is little time for me as a stay at home mom to properly care for my own hygiene needs.

I applied Secret Clinical Strength in the evening as recommended by the manufacturer. I had actually forgotten that I had applied it the first day I used it — and mostly because I didn’t sweat! When I run around a lot I find that I not only sweat, but sometimes it can get into my clothing under the arms. I usually reapply deodorant the minute I sense I am sweating. However, with the Secret Clinical Strength for Sensitive Skin I didn’t have to reapply and there was no sweating. I also have somewhat sensitive skin, and I didn’t have any reaction to the active ingredients in the product. I had even shaved under my arms the day before and had no rash or itching where I had applied the product.

If I had one criticism of the product it would be the overall price of the product for the product size. There is not a large amount of the product and it can run as much as $8 (even on sale). That being said, you really don’t use as much deodorant as you do with other brands because you don’t have the need to reapply them over and over again. This product really does what it claims to do. It stops excessive sweating and does it for an entire day. Secret’s website indicates that it contains Aluminum Zirconium Trichlorohydrex Gly at 20% (anhydrous), which translates to the maximum amount of dryness protection that I can find in an over the counter product.

I plan to make this a staple in my toiletry inventory. I find that in the summer months I am always outside with my children and I need a strong deodorant and antiperspirant that I can apply after bathing and not worry about again. There are few things that can keep up with the twins, not my make-up, definitely not my hair but it would be really great if I had a deodorant that could keep me dry as I run my day away with my boys. I also plan to try their waterproof version in summer as well. I like that it will keep me dry even if I get wet during the day in the pool or the lake!

Gioia did receive compensation for writing this article and did receive a free sample of Secret Clinical Strength for Sensitive Skin.

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