The Stigma of Mental Illness

People who suffer from mental illnesses, sometimes find it hard to receive the proper support and care that they need from other people. There seems to be some kind of stigma attached to those who suffer from mental issues, labeling people as just being nuts or crazy. Some people think that it is just something that the mentally ill person can snap out of.

Mental illness is a real serious medical issue that should be treated just like any other medical problem. People with mental illness suffer to a great degree. Some are housebound, unemployed, homeless or have taken their own lives.

A person can not just snap out of their illness. It is there and it is real, just like any other illness. A person may be able to learn how to control the illness, but it doesn’t mean that the illness will just go away or be suddenly cured over night. It is a disease of the mind.

The person sitting next to you at work could be suffering from a mental illness and you may never know. Some people are afraid to open up more when discussing mental issues because of the stigma attached.

Mental issues are not always seen, unless it something obvious. However, there are many mental conditions that go unnoticed. You can’t always see the suffering and pain.

There are some people with mental problems who strive to live normal lives. They work even harder to get what they want. They have jobs, children, responsibilities, just like everyone else, but the illness seems to make everyday living much harder than those who do not have mental issues.

Mental illness is starting to become recognized as being a serious medical condition. Suicide, taking one’s own life, is definitely a serious condition. Suicide is usually a result of depression or some underlying mental issues. The person has a feeling of hopelessness. That feeling is a terrible feeling and should be taken seriously.

If you know anyone who suffers from a mental illness, treat them with the same type of compassion that you would a person who is suffering from a physical illness. Try to learn more about their issues by doing research so that you can gain an understanding of the problem. This will help to detach some of the stigma about mental issues and help people to open up about their issues.

The more that people open up about their mental illness, the more other people have a chance to try and gain some understanding about the issue. It would be nice to become aware of mental illness and not judge those who have it. You never know if you could end up dealing with an emotional/mental issue of your own some day. You may want the support and care of other people to help you through it.

Some people with who have a mental illness are really interesting and intelligent people. They seem to have a great deal of compassion towards others because they know what it is like to suffer with an illness that they live with on a day to day basis. Some famous people who had mental illnesses are Howard Hughes, Abraham Lincoln and Marilyn Monroe.

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