World of Warcraft Alchemy Gold Making Guide

Alchemy is a very power gold making profession in World of Warcraft. If you learn how to master it, you can become much richer and no need to worry about gold anymore. I hope this brief guide will help you out. When making gold with alchemy, you should be master in Transmutation, potions or flasks depending on which you want to use to make gold make.

Transmute is one of the ability to use for making gold with alchemy, and also the most powerful I believe. It’s mostly used to make Gems, volatile elements and true gold. The downside of it, is that it requires help from other professions to become really good. For making gems, you need mining, herbing and jewel crafting to maximize the profit from it.

I make my gold by getting hold on a lot of Carnelian and then transmute them along with Heartblossom to Infernal ruby. Carnelian you want to get from mining if you can, but you can buy from auction house if you see the price of three Carnelians is around at least around 5-10% below the price of an Infernal ruby. The herbs needed shouldn’t be very expensive to buy but farming them goes really quick. When you have transmuted the gems, you can either sell them uncut or use a jewel crafter to make specific gems to sell. Browse the auction house and see if there is any gem you could make out of them that is high priced. My tip for inferno ruby is the brilliant Inferno ruby, I found it to be best selling gem in this expansion. There are other gems you can transmute, but the red one (Inferno ruby) is by far the most profit one. I recommend you save the other ones for crafting the uncut Meta gem, which I found to be the only one worth to make after Inferno ruby.

Besides transmuting gems, there is the daily transmute cold down. It allows you to transmute something every day and resets at midnight. The best use of this; is to transmute Volatile life, true gold and pyrium bar. You need 15 volatile lives and located in the zone Uldum to make them volatile airs when performing the transmutation.

The true gold transmutation was a very good gold maker, but from my experience is not a profit way anymore to use your transmutation for. If you find the materials cheap enough and there is a decent price for it on auction house you should try it.

Transmuting pyrium bars is an alternative but I never found this to be good. Can still be worth keeping an eye on, the demand on materials in this game is ever changing. It’s also easy to transmute if you can’t get the materials needed for what you usually transmute. It’s not always easy to make use of your cold down, but not using it for anything is not smart.

Potions are these days not as needed as they once were in this game but can still be something to sell to raiders. The potions you want to sell are the potions that boost the strength, intellect and agility for 25 seconds. People also like to buy potion of illusion, which will change the appearance of the character to someone else. Found this one to be tricky to sell, put a few up but remember the materials for crafting is quite expensive, you need to sell it for a high price. Making potions is something you can make gold out of by not even leaving the city. What you need is however to count the price and see if you can make any profit out of it. Check how much gold you the herbs are selling for and then price for potions. Being potion master gives you around 20% more profit when crafting potions, remember to take that into count.

Something that is very similar to making gold with selling potions is selling flasks. The same principle applies here; check the price for material and then flasks. It has become harder to make gold from flasks due to the introduction of guild cauldrons in the expansion. Players do not need as many flasks as they once did, which has hurt the market a lot. It doesn’t mean the market is dead but you need keep it in mind. It is always worth to watch the prices time to time. I would recommend focusing on transmuting or potions.

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