Best Vehicles for Kids Going Back to School

A parent’s main concern about their children is to keep them safe so it is best for children to have a safe vehicle to get to and from school. Safety standards have risen in the past years and all new vehicles are pretty safe so it is best for kids to have a new vehicle instead of an old car for school.

College bound kids who live on campus should have a vehicle that they can move to and from school with. It should also be economical to drive. A Kia Soul is a safe vehicle that gets close to 30 miles per gallon of gas. It is also roomy inside so you can move your belongings to and from school. You can buy a new one for about $14,000. You can learn more at Kia.

Volkswagen Beetles are a nice small commuter car that gets close to 30 miles per gallon of gas and in 2012 it has a new sleek style so a child can feel cool going to school. Beetles are strong for their size and easy to drive since they handle the road well. A parent can feel good about sending their child to school in a Volkswagen Beetle. We bought a used 1999 Beetle for my son to go to high school in and fives years later he is still using it to go to college. I feel good about him driving his Volkswagen since it is an economical, safe vehicle. Read more at beetle.

The Chevy Impala is a classic car that is easy to drive. I recently rented one and felt it had a great, smooth, safe ride. It would make a great car for any child that has a long drive along an interstate to school. The Impala is classy yet it has roomy trunk so it can hold all the books and other school related items that kids need to take to school with them. It is a typical car that you can buy for around $25,000. Find out more at Impala.

Every child has different needs when it comes to school. If your child has a long distance to go you need to consider an economical vehicle. If your child has a lot of items to carry then a bigger car may be better for going and coming from school. What ever type of car your child has for school it needs to be a safe ride.

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