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All phones are to some extent smart, yet a new breed of technology gave birth to a phone that automatically gets declared smart. The Smartphone was born and the world got their first taste of the power they could have. As this technology evolved the competing phone makers got to work and manufactured their version of what a smartphone should be. Many devices were here and gone within a year, yet a few hung around for awhile. The Smartphones that made it to the finish line of the race were nothing short of amazing to the operators.

We know the names because they are staples in our society, most noteable, Apple. Behind the MAC technology giants came a few unsuspecting and even unknown names. Motorolla, known for some of the first cell phones and HTC an unknown force with seemingly endless great ideas.The best part is the two competed relentlessly.

Now that all the fighting is over and the smoke is gone the victors are clear. Of course Apple will forever remain a contender because of the iPhone and people are immune to using their platform. Yet nearly every Smartphone I see pulled out of pockets and purses is the HTC EVO. Aside from my biased of owning one, this phone can do anything and that does make something great. This device has an amazing camera, 4G, video calling, it uses the Android OS and is extremely user friendly.

The biggest downfall for the Evo is the limited availability of 4G service. Though it still performs with 3G service its full capacity and greatness lies in 4G service. Let’s face it as a society we have little patience and waiting more than 15 seconds for a download, well, that’s 5 seconds too long!

Since this phone has so many features and capabilities it will easily become overloaded and bogged down. To delete old text messages takes an eternity! It is very simple to SYNC your phone to your computer or laptop and store excess information. This has to be done regularly to avoid a complete lagging disaster. Though this may seem like a downfall, it is nice to have saved some of the information on a phone in case of a ‘rare’ situation it gets lost.

HTC released the updated version of their most popular phone the EVO 3D this past summer. Essentially, it’s the same phone with a qwerty keypad and a few miniscule differences. The EVO and EVO 3D remain the best selling phones throughout the cell phone industry for obvious reasons. Not only do you get a phone but also a mini computer that can access nearly anything in seconds. The EVO is, in my opinion, the best phone out there right now and for the price its worth every single penny.

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