TROPIC BANANA Wholesale Company

Earlier this summer I found a fruit and vegetable stand that I did not know existed in downtown Milwaukee. The prices were good too. It’s at 300 North Van Buren Street, which is just south of the 794 freeway and east of Water Street five blocks. I was riding my bike going north on Van Buren when I spotted it. It’s part of the TROPIC BANANA wholesale company. They are open 1pm ‘” 5:30pm Monday through Friday. There were Idaho potatoes, 5 lbs for a $1.50, Driscoll’s brand strawberries (1 lbs), black berries (6oz) and blue berries $1.50 each, also Nectarines and plums were five for a dollar. Well that’s part of what I got. There was also watermelon, cantaloupe, onions, cucumbers, bananas, plums, etc. I think the bag of onions was only a dollar but I had no more room on my bike. The bananas are 20 cents each.

They are on the sidewalk on the east side of the street; it’s very easy to reach. One could just drive up like you do in the country. One attendant even said to another customer that he would bring their purchase to the car if they wanted to drive up. The build is one of those old red brick warehouses. It is a no frills, little overhead type of stand like you see at farmers markets or on the roadside in the country. The prices were written on cardboard but the produce had the sane labels I see at the local chain food stores. There were awnings overhead for shade, which was nice because our Midwestern heat wave is back. They were selling bottled water too, probably for the festivalgoers.

If going south on Water street turn east on St Paul till you reach Van Buren then turn south. If coming north on Water Street Turn it is still easier to go to St Paul, but you can turn east on Chicago, north on Jackson then east again on Buffalo. Buffalo dead ends on van Buren.

I was back there again today. Onions are still 3# for a dollar and 5# of potatoes is a #1.50

They did not pay me to write this, I am just sharing with others who live or work downtown.

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