What Can Be Learned from a Quick Chakra Test

Energy centers that flow to and from the body are known as chakras. There are seven main chakras; each having a specific color. Chakras have their roots in Hinduism and are believed to reflect all aspects of a person’s condition. Open, active and clean chakras result in good physical health, emotional stability and overall well-being. Chakras that are blocked can lead to disease, sexual dysfunction as well as mental and emotional disorders. Taking a quick chakra test can provide an assessment of which chakras or functioning normally and those that need treatment.

Physical Problems

The seven main chakras are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart chakra, throat, third eye and crown chakras. The chakras loosely correspond to their location within the body. Chakra tests can evaluate the current and future conditions of organs and systems in the body. Taking a chakra test lets people identify areas in the body that are not functioning properly due to a blockage in the corresponding chakra. In this manner a chakra test can find physical problems and in some cases heal the condition by aligning the corresponding chakra.

Emotional Ailments

By analyzing the condition of chakras that relate to the emotions, a person can uncover their strengths and weaknesses. Conditions such as insecurity, fear, mistrust and rejection can be identified by locating chakras which effect their functioning. For instance, a blocked solar plexus chakra can be the cause of someone having low self-esteem and confidence. Improvement in the ability to give and accept love from others can be achieved by balancing the heart chakra. In the same manner, sexual dysfunction can be identified and healed by giving attention to the sacral chakra. The inability to express these emotional problems can be restored by cleansing the throat chakra, which is the root of communication.

Life Purpose and Focus

The chakra test is a starting point to begin to find focus on life’s meaning and goals for each individual. For people who are unsure of their purpose in life, a chakra test will reveal ideas and strengths that can provide meaning. Since a quick chakra test is not about self-judging, individuals are able to honestly evaluate where they are in their own life’s journey. A quick chakra test provides a snapshot view of how a person is self connected in various areas of their life.

How to Get the Most from a Quick Chakra Test

A chakra test has no right or wrong answers. It is an honest assessment tool meant to be helpful for people to gain insight about their lives. As such, the best way to get the most from a chakra test is to be completely honest. Lying can only be harmful in the long run because it can lead to false conclusions. If there are areas of the test that are not understood, take the test again after doing some research or giving more thought to the subject matter.

How to Use the Scores on a Chakra Test

Once the scores have been calculated it is possible to organize the results to get the most benefit from the test. Take an honest look at the scores to see specific areas in which to improve. Learn from the test by acknowledging areas that were vague or weak. The initial score on a chakra test can also be the starting point for learning more about chakras in general. After getting a thorough knowledge of the chakras, retake the test to see if the scores change. Remember that a chakra test does not tell fortunes and does not dictate the outcome of a person’s life. Use the information to make adjustments and improvements to achieve individual life goals.

Where to Find Chakra Tests

Quick chakra tests are readily available on websites across the Internet. Most of the tests are free to take and the websites also include useful tools and information regarding chakras and other meditation. The majority of tests are 50 to 80 questions long and do not take very much time. The results provide a breakdown, sometimes in the form of a graph, which shows the condition of each chakra; whether open, closed, under active or overactive so that the chakras can be analyzed separately.

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