A Journey of Shopping for Used Books

Thrift shopping is one of my favorite hobbies. Actually, most of the films and books I’ve bought have been used. So here are three books that are my favorite that I’ve bought at thrift stores.

“Marathon Man”

Location: Better World Books

Personally, I’ve seen the movie then wanted the book, so I went on my favorite website — a used book website. The website is called Better World Books, and the books start at $3.48 with free shipping. Also, the website helps libraries, promotes literacy, and helps save books from landfills. So I ordered this book for under $5 with free shipping at one of the best book places on the Web.

“Cold Heart Canyon” and “Blackwood Farm”

Location: Aurora Books

I’ve added these books together because this is a special story. About three years ago my parents surprised me with these books for my birthday. It was nice because I had no clue that they knew I loved these books. Aurora Books is a local used bookstore that is just a small little shop filled to the top with books. I’ve added the official website for book fans who are interested. It’s one of the best little places I went to that was in the U.P.

St. Vincent De Paul

If you have a local St. Vincent’s and love books, I personally think it’s a good place to find books. At my local store the softcover books are 0.35 cents and the hardcover books cost 0.65 cents. I can’t just pick one book from there because I have found many books that I love, from Anne Rice’s “Tale of the Body Thief” to a college book on Romantic Poetry from the 60s. I found many treasures that really surprised me. It’s actually the major place where I get my books because it’s so cheap and it’s a good place to give money, too.

So those are the books and places where I think have the best used finds.

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