A Sun Kissed Autumn

Color coated sidewalks covered in nothing but leafs.
Cool winds blowing picking up where Summer days left off.
Quarter to six & the skies lit differently than I’ve ever seen before.
Pretty purple clouds over orange hues hiding behind building tops.
I wish I had a camera so I could capture all these changes in the atmosphere.
This day just became a dream as the leafs took flight as they became sun kissed orange & two shades of scarlet.

In this season where I’m not afraid to fall with leafs piled up down below, the hardest part will be getting up.
You can find me under the allure of Autumn’s ever-changing vibrant charm.
Even when its raining, something’s different is in the air.
You can’t avoid the beautiful noise of the ruffling leafs as the branches sway at the lightest touch of wind making its way around the block.
It’s clear that there’s nowhere in sight that can’t be transformed & made anew.
When the Sun comes crashing in later, it’ll be a sweet ride.
Come with me.

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