How to Make a Smarty Farty Costume for Halloween

A teen is probably tired of wear the same costumes or always wearing a T-shirt with sayings like “This is My Costume” for Halloween. Why not give that teen something easy and fun to wear? Teens seem to love humor about passing gas. They also seem to love rhyming slang. Your teen can easily dress as a “Smarty Farty.”

What you will need:

Brown shirt Brown pants A large bag of Smarties candies (the ones that come in the clear plastic rolls) Safety pins Baby powder (optional)


Using the safety pins, pin the Smarties to the front and sides of the pants and shirt. Do not pin them to the back as this will make sitting uncomfortable.

One all the candies are pinned to the clothes, have the costume wearer, put the clothes on. If the Smarties do not look evenly distributed enough, you can carefully pin more to the clothes.

Optional: Take baby powder and lightly dust it over the clothes. This way a powdery cloud can be made by patting the clothes as if it is a “fart.” Of course, there are no concerns about bad smells since it will smell like baby powder.

This costume is great for Halloween parties where friends will enjoy making all kinds of puns and enjoy hearing that their friend is a “Smarty Farty.”

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