My Neighbors’ Cat

…It was a wonderful Saturday afternoon, I just pulled into my driveway coming from shopping with my two best friends. I was gathering my items from the backseat of my car when I suddenly saw my neighbors’ cat Tinkers. I instantly thought nothing of the cat, I just said hello because he was a friendly cat and loved to rub up against my leg and proceed to my house. He trotted in my direction as I was walking to the door to my house. I felt him then rub against my leg and I instantly felt something wet on him.

I looked down and examined him. I realized that his coat of fur was slicked down, I couldn’t tell this at first because of his dark brown fur color. I placed my bags down and stroked my finger across to to see what I was. I took a look at my finger and instantly realized it was blood. I examined that cat to find his injury, but to my surprise I found none. So I took off my jacket that was getting old anyway to pick up the cat. I walked over to my neighbors’ house and knocked on the front door.

I knocked about three minutes while calling out “Sandra, Mark”, but no one answered. We were quite friendly so I walked around to the back door to see if anyone was in the kitchen. I saw that the back door was open which was completely unusual because Sandra likes to keep her door closed because of her fear of birds. I know this because she told me in short that she had a traumatic experience as a child with a bird in her home. I called out again “Sandra you home.” No one answered again so I began looking around. I then began walking upstairs because it felt very unusual in their house.

The cat begun to be frantic and jumped out of my arms and ran back down stairs. I then knew something was completely wrong. I walked to her room which was down the hall to the left. As I got closer I began to hear whispers. As I got to the door and looked around the corner and said ” Hello, are you guys…” when instantly saw Mark on the floor covered completely in blood, while Sandra was on the bed tied up with tears running down her face and a man standing over her with a knife. The both of them immediately saw me, him with a very strange look of his face and her with her mouth covered and sounded like she was trying to scream out run. He immediately started to chase me. I reached the stairs, but halfway down I began to stumble a fell down the rest. I rushed to get back up, but by that time it was to late and he grabbed me. I used my self-defense training that I was taught from my father who was a Sergeant in the military and hit him below the belt and quickly turn around and gave him a knee to his face to further stun him.

I began to run out the door again. As I ran to my house I was mentally and physically prepared for any situation. I grabbed the gun my father gave to me when I turned eighteen after receiving my first gun license. After calling 911 a then soon run back over to my neighbor’s house. I walked through the back door slowly pointing the gun in all directions so the strange man wouldn’t catch me off guard. I soon reached her and realized that he ran away…

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