Barack Obama and His Jobs Bill Speech 9/8/11

So Barack Obama and his Jobs Bill speech has been in the works for some time now. He’s been figuring how to frame his argument and he’s been talking about how great this job’s package he’s got is going to be.

But listening to the jobs bill speech, Barack Obama sounds like he’s selling waterbeds.

“Pass this job’s bill!”

Limited time only!

“Pass it now!”

Barack Obama and the Republicans in Congress and the Senate have been at odds over how to spend the money they’re going through. They also disagree on how to get American’s back to work. American unemployment numbers have moderated lately but they’re still unreasonably high. Many of those who were on unemployment had to stop claiming benefits because they were on for too long. Others who have been unemployed for several years don’t qualify for unemployment benefits.

While Barack Obama is a good speaker and a good motivator for getting things done, this job’s bill speech really sounded like he was trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

“This jobs bill will fix schools! Fix highways! Put veterans back to work!” It’s as though this jobs bill is the thing we’ve always needed! I guess we should pass this jobs bill right away!

Unfortunately though there is no magic pill for our ailing economy. There is no one way for everything to get better with one fell swoop. It took a long time for us to get into this economic mess; it will take it’s time to get out.

Barack Obama should focus more on winning bipartisan support and less on trying to “sell” the American people and his colleagues on this jobs bill.

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