Be Your Girl

I was never daddy’s little girl
He always had his eye on someone prettier than us.
But if he took the time enough to listen
I could be his girl
I could be his girl.

I was never strong enough for my own self
So criticism it was that drove me to you
And all the undermining education
Drove me away
From that land
But if you listen
I am still a girl
I am still a little girl.

I was always jealous of your beautiful face.
Cause honesty always drove this angel away from the stage
But ever since you took the time to listen to me
I’ve wanted to
Be your girl
I’ve wanted to
Be your girl.

I was always mommy’s little sunshine.
Some claim I’m still so naive.
I always defended her from what daddy said.
But all I want for you is to believe
That I could
Be your girl
I could
Be your girl.

All I know is men are always leaving.
A hundred ways to break a young girl’s heart
Daddy always did the hardest praying.
But then, he needed more redemption.
He always wanted films and sunsets.
Motorcycle rides into the sky.
When I was younger there were lies
But now it’s time to say goodbye.
That doesn’t have to mean a thing to you.
I still wanna
Be your girl
I still wanna
Be your girl.

And when my age grows old with ageless time
And I forget the names of my own songs
And all the countless things have hardened me
And logic sets into our situation
Then I can
Be your girl
Can I be your girl?
Will I be your girl?
Am I still your girl?
Can I be your girl?
Can I stay your girl?

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