Hiking the Beaver Trail in Millen, GA

Hiking the Beaver trail at Magnolia Springs State Park in Millen, GA. was a wonderful experience for my mind and soul. The Beaver trail is only 1.2 miles long and fairly easy for anyone to navigate the terrain. Almost anyone young and old can definitely have a fantastic time hiking this trail.

If you ever need a little break from the “busy world” there is no better way than to go on a short hike at a local park. Your soul will be reminded that in nature everything is connected in a perfect ballet with life it-self. You will notice things great and small. Hiking at Magnolia Springs State Park in Millen, GA was exciting because although the trail is only 1.2 miles in length the trail is nestled in a park with so much room to walk and explore nature that you will definitely get plenty of exercise. Hiking is not about racing to get to the end of the trail as if you are crossing a finish line first. It is about the journey! It’s about discovery. Walking slow down a path surrounded with wildlife is incredible if you slow down enough to see “the little things”. Hiking is an experience to delight ALL of your senses. ALL 5 SENSES are involved while hiking. While hiking notice the birds singing, feel the breeze on your skin. Smell the air and flowers. Drink it all in and allow yourself to be overcome with the beauty of everything around you. If you know where to look you might even find a few wild berries you can taste.

Nature trails challenge us to pay attention to see what amazing creatures we may find while hiking. Some of the things I seen hiking the Beaver trail at Magnolia Springs State Park were the wonderful deep blue natural spring itself, deer, dragonflies, alligators, turtles, fish and several types of lizards. The most amazing thing is that everything seems to work in a perfect harmony, even if the alligator is swimming amongst the water lilies. Hiking is all about discovering balance both in nature and then use what you have learned and discovered and create that same balance in your life.

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