New York Wants More Gun Regulations

NBC quoted Mayor Michael Bloomberg Tuesday, he blamed illegal handguns for a shooting that killed three people. New York City has some of the toughest gun regulations in the nation. According to the information in the story the shooter unlawfully purchased a handgun, unlawfully possessed a hand gun, unlawfully concealed a handgun, unlawfully discharged a handgun in the city and unlawfully killed 3 people. After so many laws were broken can the Mayor honestly say that if we had one more gun law the criminal would not have committed the crimes.

The answer is NO.

The key to this story is guns don’t commit crimes, people who don’t obey the law commit crimes. The idea of restricting gun ownership would put an end to gun crimes is just dishonest. I have never lived in a time period where marijuana and cocaine have been legal. I have never hung out with the recreational drug crowd. Yet through casual friendships and aquainences I have witnessed people with illegal drugs in abundance. The purchase, possession and use of these substances are against many laws. The people who choose to use them risk going to jail on a daily basis and yet they are pervasive in our society.

If you make guns illegal in our nation they will become as scarce as a joint at a grateful dead concert. If you think making gun ownership illegal you will be safer you are sorely mistaken. The nation will be divided into sheep and wolves. You, your home, your family and all that you own will be much harder for you to defend when the criminals have guns and you do not. If you think the police will be able to protect you, ask the 3 dead people in New York City how that trust worked for them.

The Second Amendment is NOT about hunting.

Most people want to restrict gun ownership to hunting and sporting applications. What we are not discussing is the very reason we have the second amendment. It was placed there to protect the American citizen from an overreaching government. When the government takes away your rights and freedoms and stops listening to the people, then we have the duty to get their attention by removing them and replacing them with a proper constitutional representative form of government. We are given the right to own guns so we can fight the power if we must. Gee that sounds like rebellion. Yes it does, our founding fathers fought a rebellion to gain freedoms. They understood the need for the average citizen to be able to overthrow repression, as they had done.

I would suggest that if Mayor Bloomberg wants to reduce gun crime he sould look at the cities that have the concealed carry permits. That is one law that actually reduces crime across the board. Wolves hate attacking sheep that have teeth.

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