Shocking Results from Top Rope Promotions in Bellingham, Massachusetts

Over 300 Fans jam packed the Bellingham Middle School in Bellingham, Massachusetts for an action packed night of professional wrestling. The proceeds from the event benefits the Bellingham Police Association.

Nacho Libre star, Carlos Roselas pinned “The Devils Reject” Brandon Webb in 9:31 The evening started with a high flying showdown between the Mexican luchadore Carlos Roselas, and Top Rope’s resident evil, Brandon Webb. In the earliness of the match, Roselas hit a top rope moonsault to the outside the ring resulting in Roselas dominating the majority of the match with his risky aerial style. Carlos Roselas got the pin on Webb after hitting Webb with a standing top rope hurricanrana.

Former ECW Star Colin Delaney beat Tom Kane at 8:09 “Trouble Walking” Tom Kane was a late addition to the evenings card, as a replacement for the unavailable Gino Giovanni. Despite the lack of time to prepare for the knowledgeable Delaney, Tom Kane was still able to mount a great offense. However, in the end, Delaney’s veteran ability outmatched Tom Kane’s aptitude.

Jason Blade defeated Vinny Marseglia for the TRP Interstate Championship at 13:59 In a shocking upset, Jason Blade defeated Vinny Marseglia for the Interstate Championship, proving that on any giving night, a championship can change hands. Marseglia however, entered the match at a distinct disadvantage. “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett attacked Marseglia earlier in the day, injuring the ribs of the popular athlete. Due to his actions, Bennett was taken off the evenings program. Marseglia, who was taken to a local hospital, was released on one hour before his title match against Blade. Vinny tried his best to get the win, but Blade was clearly the better man in Bellingham. Because of these circumstances, the November 24th match between Vinny Marseglia and Julian Starr will no longer be a title match.

The All Winners Club, Eric Alden, and Kevin Cordeiro won their match against The Whaling City Wrecking Crew, J Freddie and Shane Alden at 11:31 In honor of the old WWF Survivor Series matches, TRP presented a giant eight man tag team match. The match was a free for all at the beginning, with each athlete jockeying for position. The wild match was a free for all most of the time, with Gregory Edwards getting the pin on J Freddie after a neckbreaker.

WWE Tough Enough finalist Luke Robison pinned “The Maestro” Guy Alexander at 14:10 Alexander attacked Robinson at the beginning of the match. This gave Guy a huge advantage over the Tough Enough finalist. Robinson made several comebacks, hitting “The Maestro” with several suplexes and a beautiful dropkick. The competitive match was too close to call, with both athletes gaining near falls. albeit, Robinson was able to squeak out the win.

Alexis Nevaeh beat Luscious Latasha at 7:45 Alexis Neveah made a triumphant return to Bellingham, Massachusetts with a great conquer over the premiere womens wrestler, Luscious Latasha. This match was very special for Luscious Latasha, as eight years earlier she made her debut in Bellingham.

2011 Kowalski Cup Winner Matt Magnum defeated TRP Heavyweight Champion Matt Taven by DQ at 17:19 After a grueling back and forth contest between the superior athletes, Matt Taven got caught by referee Holyoke Joe using an illegal object. However, the Bellingham fans are aware that Magnum actually used the foreign object on Taven first. The match was incredible, with both athletes hitting their signature moves. In one of the most exciting moments of the match, Matt Taven held Magnum high over his head with a top rope superplex.

Demolition Axe and Blazer beat The Freakshow in a Non Title Match at 8:31 The team of Demolition Axe and Blazer easily defeated the slowly deteriorating tag team after Blazer pinned Buck Nasty.

Top Rope Promotions returns for a wild night of professional wrestling action on November 24th at the PAL Hall. The Thanksgiving Night event will be hosted by former WWE Diva and Playboy Cover Girl Maria Kanellis. The event will feature the first ever 40 Man, 2 ring Spindle City Rumble. In addition, four more matches have been signed for the event.

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