Top Rope Promotions Announces Free Open House

Top Rope Promotions, the leading provider of pro wrestling in New England, is proud to announce they will be holding a free open house for their wrestling school on Tuesday September 13th 2011. Top Rope Promotions has held an open house every year for prospective students to check out their wrestling facility before fully committing to an education with The Lock Up Wrestling School.

The Lock Up Wrestling School started in 2006, and was the brain child of former WWE and TNA superstar Spike Dudley. After his release from World Wrestling Entertainment, Spike Dudley joined up with Top Rope Promotions owner Steve Ricard and the two started The Lock Up Wrestling School. The school opened in New Bedford, and later moved to Fall River where it has been in operation since 2007.

The Lock Up Wrestling School has produced several Top Rope Promotions athletes, such as current Heavyweight Champion Matt Taven, Interstate Champion Vinny Marseglia, and Matt Magnum. In addition to producing a crop of promising young athletes, The Lock Up Wrestling School has sponsored several wrestling seminars with wrestlers such as Jamie Noble, Mr. USA Tony Atlas, Terry Taylor and more.

The September 13th 2011 event will be held at The Lock Up Wrestling School, located at 31 Franklin Street in Fall River. The facility is located oon the third floor of the building. The open tryout is open to men and women, ages 16 and up. Those participants under the age of 18 must be accompianed by an adult. Participants will be required to sign a general liability waiver in order to take part in the tryout. Those interested in attending the tryout should contact Steve Ricard by emailing him at [email protected] Information is also available at their Facebook. Check out

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