Travel and Leisure: How to Plan a Travel

Who doesn’t need a break? With the holiday season fast approaching, most of us would want to take a break and go on a holiday. Though holidays are refreshing and rejuvenating, they can be a disaster if not properly planned. Travel needs a special attention as most of us tend to concentrate on the destination and forget about travel.

Travel adds pleasure to your trip if properly planned. Even if your are out on a business trip, travel can be a stress buster if properly planned. The only thing you need to do is plan your travel properly. A long wait in the airport, can destroy the happiness of a wonderful journey ahead. Here are few tips on how to plan your travel

1) Plan ahead. When you know you would be traveling, do not wait till the last day to plan. Plan early. That would give you plenty of time to assess various destinations, carriers, routes etc.

2) Make a checklist. People tend to forget things. Having a checklist helps you to remember things you might have overlooked. Include the things you need to do before you travel.

3) Do adequate Research. Before okaying a destination, do proper research about the place, the hotels, tourist spots and the modes of transportation. Apart from the above also keep an eye on the weather conditions on your proposed dates of travel. What use is a holiday if you cant come out of your room due to heavy rain??.

4) Keep more than one destination in mind when you start your research. Analyze them on various factors like cost effectiveness, weather conditions and most important, their reputation as a tourist spot. It is always better to land in a tourist friendly spot rather than a hostile location.

5) Make a list of the tourist attractions in your destination. And basing on the places that interest you make a plan for those places.

6) Once you decide your destination and the dates of travel, find out ticket availability and hotel availability. Make sure these two match. With little research you can find out a good hotel in any corner of the world. You can use the services of a ticketing agent to book your tickets.

7) Make a list of things you need to carry with your. Don’t forget your camera. You can capture memories of a life time.

8) If you have pets, don’t leave them unattended. You can take the help of your neighbors. If your neighbors are not pet friendly, there are few clinics that take care of your dog when you are out on a vacation.

9) Before the date of travel, verify if you have completed the things you should have done before your travel as per the checklist. Also the things you need to carry as per your list.

10) Make sure you get travel insurance, it sure does help.

On the date of travel, if you remember something important which you skipped in your check list, do not panic. Find out what you can do about that, take the help of your friends if you need. Keep your cool, and in no time your hindrance would be clear.

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