Why You Should Discover Graig Markel and His Music

For every voice there is an ear. For Graig Markels’ self titled album, there will be many an eager ear. I sit at home with tea and travel a short journey into the quietest, most thoughtful place. Soft and cleansing, dropping all pretense. Leave your worries at the door, sit back and wait for more. Where does it take you?

Is it more reminescent of Pink Floyd or Paul McCartney ballads?

I think of Abbey Lane, cobblestone and soft candlelight as the warm smiles of friends envelope me. Crisp clean sounds, guitars strum and I stroke my hair as I try to discern is it sadness or peace that is speaking to me? It is certainly thoughtful and I feel as if I should be sitting next to a gentleman in a silk cravat while drinking wine out of a juice glass.

Revisiting this music in my own home has much the same impact as it did in his Seattle studio. I was blessed to be there, in the studio earlier this month for his album release and was greeted by fellow supporters, friends, Graig and his lovely wife Zera who played hostess. Surrounded by others who sat in sweet anticipation, I found myself closing my eyes to drift away.

Never off but perfectly dead center, in line with my own thoughts. Let us go far into the night for it is just where the music takes us.

Are you her? The dancing one with pale, cotton dress worn from time with ribbons in her hair dancing here and there. This is where it takes me. Gentlemen in silk cravats and ladies with sunshine dancing slowly off their hair. One in the grassy field, the other in a proper chair.

Thank you to Graig for the soft sounds that inspire us to walk with grace, enter each day with hope and keep us believing that words truly can change our day especially when placed into sweet songs. You can find him at www.graigmarkelmusic.com.

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