Budget Ways to Store Sports Equipment

Sports equipment can take up a vast amount of room in a garage, especially if it is poorly organized or lying all over the place. Special racks, containers and other organizational items are available, but they are expensive. They are also unnecessary, especially when trying to stick to a budget. Save a considerable amount of money, and try these budget ways to store sports equipment in a garage. Everything will be neatly arranged and very easy to find.

Use Wall-Mounted Vinyl Coated Hardware to Hold Sports Rackets

Budget wall-mounted hardware designed to hold rakes, shovels and other garage items are also ideal when looking for ways to store sports equipment. They are absolutely perfect for holding tennis rackets, badminton rackets and other types of sports rackets. Make sure the tips are coated in vinyl, or wrap them with a soft material held on by duct tape to prevent equipment damage.

Use a Wall-Mounted Broom or Garden Tool Holder to Store Bats

When looking for budget ways to store sports equipment in the garage, check out the cleaning and organizational aisle of a local discount store. You will find wall-mounted hardware that holds brooms, mops and dusters. Rows of balls that are under tension with springs firmly hold the handles in place. They provide an ideal way to store bats and other sports equipment with narrow handles. These are perfect for a garage wall.

Implement a Freestanding Bookrack to Store Basketballs and Soccer Balls

Basketballs, soccer balls and similar sports equipment can be hard to contain and access, especially in a garage. Instead of buying a rack especially for balls, buy a simple budget shoe rack. Make sure it provides plenty of space for sports equipment storage. Buy one on wheels and it can be easily moved out of the garage and outdoors for easy access.

Store Balls in Stackable Color-Coded Storage Containers

Budget plastic storage containers with lids are ideal for other types of sports equipment in a garage. Simply label the containers, and use them to store smaller balls, shuttlecocks, flying discs and anything else that needs to be corralled in an organized way. Stack the lidded containers to make the most of available space. Everything will be easy to find – as long as it is put away in the garage and in the proper location when playtime is over.

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