Israeli Jewelry – Reinventing Ancient Tradition

A new wave of Israeli jewelry designers are making their mark on the design world and they are taking their jewelry creations to the next level. Designers such as Idit Jewelry, Shlomit Or and Adina Plastelina are showing that Jewish jewelry can be fresh, fun and funky. And, when it comes to Jewish jewelry, these designers are taking a look at (and reinventing) every symbol of Jewish life.

Of co urse, there’s nothing hotter than Kabbalah jewelry . The general trend for Kabbalah started with Madonna and has since seemingly been taken up by every celeb in Hollywood. While it may be an impossible dream to live an A-list life, with the help of Kabbalah jewelry, you can at least accessorize like a star.

Red is a powerful color in Kabbalah, which is why so many amulets and talismans incorporate the color. Mizze Jewelers offers an affordable leather wrap bracelet featuring a selection of colourful eyes that will ward off evil but will certainly gather many compliments from anyone who lays eyes on it.

Jewish, and especially Kabbalah, jewelry may have great design at its heart, but it often has a deeper, more ancient meaning than just pure fashion. Ana BeKoach rings feature and ancient and powerful prayer for strength that was written more than 2,000 years ago by Rabbi Nehonia. offers a wide variety of rings featuring the potent text, enhanced by various Jewish symbols such as the Star of David or the Hamsa hand, which offers additional protection against the evil eye.

Another powerful passage that has found its way into modern Israeli jewelry design is the phrase “Ani LeDodi ve LeDodi Li,” which means “I am to my beloved and my beloved to me.” This romantic (and somewhat erotic) phrase comes from the Song of Songs, which was written by King Solomon, and is rendered on rings, bracelets and pendants, offering an amorous gift choice for lovers. Emunah Jewelry has created the perfect wedding ring featuring the verse in between two narrow sterling silver bands.

The core of Jewish jewelry, though, is still the Magen David – the Star of David . This eternal Jewish symbol is constantly giving designer inspiration as they reinterpret this iconic emblem. One modern take is a silver dog tag pendant featuring the Shema prayer and the Star of David from Emunah Jewelry. Or how about a gold Star of David pendant with a personalized Hebrew name ? The piece, which is handcrafted in Jerusalem is rendered in 14 karat gold and includes a 16-inch chain. Another unusual Star of David design comes from Idit Jewelry, which offers a sterling silver Magen David pendant in a rope and tassel design (on either a 16- or 18-inch chain) and is perfect for both men and women.

So, while many Jewish symbols may be old, with the new generation of Israeli designers, they are anything but old fashioned.

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