Review of ELF Liquid Eyeliner in Copper

Not having properly owned any glitter eyeliner, I was so excited to receive this one in the mail, especially because it was so inexpensive. It was only $1.

The glitter liner came in a standard plastic packaging with a tapered black cap so that the entire container is shaped like a cone. I was a little disappointed the container was not the elegant rounded shape the picture on the website showed, but it’s really OK. As soon as I opened the container, the outside cap came unattached from the actual applicator, but I was able to stick it back on, though it does come loose still sometimes.

The actual applicator is often described as a felt tip applicator, and it sure looks like one, except for the fact that it does not bend at all and is very stiff, which can make application a little tricky. However, it also probably means that the tip of the applicator won’t break down as easily as other eyeliners do. It is not a super fine applicator, so really thin lines may be hard to make, but it’s just about the right width for normal eyeliner.

The formula for this glitter liner is clear with golden copper glitters. While the name suggests a warmer copper color glitter, the image on the website and the product itself leans towards a warm gold. The glitter is at the right density. When I apply it to my eye area I end up with a good amount of glitter, not too sparse and not too dense. The liquid formulation is not sticky at all, yet the glitter adheres well to my eyelid and stays for a good amount of time. It does not rub off during the day, but removes easily at the end of the day with standard makeup remover, though some residual glitters may be stuck to the face.

Overall, I’m really pleased with this glitter liner. It looks incredibly beautiful and sparkly. If you can get over the shoddy packaging, I would definitely recommend this product!

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