Mid-summer of 1954, a young unwed graduate student found herself pregnant. Not wanting to keep the baby she opted to put the young boy up for adoption.

This young boy grew up to change the world in which we live. As I was starting my 7th grade year at school, this adopted young man and his business partner created and began marketing the first personal computer and the Apple corporation was born. Unknown to me at the time this newly created industry would be instrumental in changing my life, your life and the lives of billions of people living and not yet born on this planet.

Incredible advances have occurred in nearly any field you can name because of this information explosion that has been the result of this young innovative adopted child.

You know this child as Steve Jobs. His way too early departure from this world occurred this week on my own birthday, October 5, 2011. His talent and impact on this world will take generations to catalog and we can only know a brief snippet of the true benefit his contribution has made to all of our lives.

Steve Jobs was beloved by many, an icon of a generation that we call the “Baby Boom generation”.

The truly sad part of the Steve Jobs story is that a great number of politicians, media personalities and leaders in our country who eulogize this phenomenal man, if they had their way would have encouraged, facilitated and even paid for his biological mother to abort him even before he had the opportunity to see the light of day. We do not know if Steve Jobs biological mother would have chosen adoption or abortion had that option been legal and available, but what a loss if it had, and she did.

Steve Jobs was indeed a great man!

But how many great men and women have been killed in the womb since 1973 as a result of Roe v. Wade? How many innovators, inventors, reformers have we lost in this generation of slaughter? Some of the first victims of Roe v. Wade would be approaching 40 by now. Steve Jobs had already created the personal computer and established the Apple corporation by the time he was 20. In his early 30’s he was fired from Apple and began the companies called “Next” and “Pixar”. The jobs and the prosperity he provided to this world from his own ingenuity are indeed incredible. What have we missed because of the slaughter of millions of others who may very well have been as creative and innovative and perhaps even more so, because we have killed them?

How many Martin Luther King Jr.’s were never born because of abortion? How many Steve Jobs have we been denied in our day because we have chosen to kill rather than to embrace life and give life and cherish life?

What innovations, inventions, medical cures, and technological breakthrough’s have we been denied?

Click on the link and hear from Steve Jobs himself as he speaks of his life during a 2005 commencement address at Stanford University.

* The title of this article: “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” is a line from the commencement address by Steve Jobs in which he is quoting Stewart Brand the publisher and author of “The Whole Earth Catalog”

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