Tiger Woods

Who wants to be Tiger Woods? How about falling from the number face on television to oblivion? You lose millions in a divorce settlement, and you are treated like you shot the most famous person in the world. Right now, I do not think Tiger Woods wants to be Tiger Woods. And now the commercial world is struggling to find a face to even come to his lose status. I must write; only the late President John Kennedy could get away with having so many women in his life and still keep his personae. Yes it is hard to be Tiger Woods right now, but how many women have you had?

When you fall to the lows no mind can conceive, your body loses the greatest force it has (mental toughness). And mental recovery takes its own path and speed to a comeback. Oh it hard, but trying to help yourself through this process takes even longer. Tiger Woods had his fall, and his golf skills are showing the body of a fallen hero. Yet somehow I believe Mr. Woods will rise. Because there is nothing wrong with his body, and a mind has a way of taking you to levels never even dreamt of. It is not a comeback when it comes to his body; it is his mind.

Like it is said from the beginning of speech, “Get your mind right.” So I think the time has come for Tiger Woods to think about the people who really care about him (his children). One day the media is going to ask them, “Are you proud of your father?” Mr. Woods’ rise will solve that problem. And each of his sons and daughters will say, “Yes I am; he is the greatest golfer of all times.” That along will make Tiger Woods take his skills to a level never seen before in the world of time.

The ego is a powerful mind booster, and nobody has a bigger ego than Tiger Woods. You have to remember; sometimes when you fall you forget who you are. What people think can inflict a great mental toll on your mind. You start to think you know what people are thinking before you even meet them. Your mental force becomes a toy bouncing in your own mind. Yet they say, “Your mind is playing trick on you.” And that becomes truth; where is your ego Mr. Woods? The time has come to let your ego rise!

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