3 Reader’s Digest Cleaning Tips I Haven’t Heard Before

There’s a slideshow from Reader’s Digest of 13 cleaning tips you haven’t heard of before. Out of the 13, I hadn’t heard of three of them. That is rather odd that a reader hadn’t heard of three of those cleaning tips.

I have been cleaning house since my teens. I find it hard that no one else has heard of these cleaning tips. It could be the writer may have never heard of them.

Wet Pumice Stone to Clean the Oven – Slide Five

I hadn’t heard of using a wet pumice stone to clean an oven. They say to use this instead of spray-on cleaners. Most stoves that have ovens have a self-cleaning option. Since I have that option on my gas stove, I have no reason to use a cleaner to scrub the burnt on grime.

For those who don’t have a self-cleaning oven, this method would be a great substitute when you’re not wanting to use the spray cleaners. However, with those being more expensive than Brillo or SOS pads, those would be another option. I have done this when I didn’t want to use the self-cleaning option for the oven.

Baking Soda Boiled in Water to Clean the Microwave – Slide 10

Had not heard of boiling baking soda in the microwave to clean. I have tried boiling water with no additives to clean my microwave. I know baking soda can keep odors out of your refrigerator and bathroom closets. I also know baking soda can be used as a cleaning abrasive that is less harmful to the environment.

I have used lemon juice in a bowl of water and boiled in the same manner as what Reader’s Digest suggested for baking soda. That works well too.

Shining Shower Tiles With Lemon Oils – Slide 12

The other was using lemon oil to shine bathroom tiles. That would be great for the shower tiles and even the tiles on the walls in the rest of the bathroom.

Since they didn’t say how to apply the lemon oil to the tiles, I would suggest dabbing it onto a cloth and wiping it on. Spraying it would cause the floor of the shower to become slippery. Thus, causing you to fall while in the shower.

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