5 Haunted Cities to Visit for Chilling Ghost Tours

With Halloween in the near future, you may want to consider taking a ghost tour. Ghost tours combine history, horror, and fun. Why watch a haunted movie when you can get a real haunting? Haunted houses are fun but fake. Ghost tours take you on a spiritual adventure where there is no turning back. I love haunted houses and am dying to go on a ghost tour. While vacationing in Alexandria, Va., my husband and I wanted to go on a ghost tour. We decided against it since the children were young at the time. If you make it to Alexandria, try out the Ghost and Graveyard tour.

1. Florida, Ghost Tours of St. Augustine

Many ghost tours are available at Ghost Tours of St. Augustine . When choosing to walk, you will be guided through cemeteries and haunted bed and breakfasts.

When choosing to ride the Trolley Of The Doomed, you will explore the Nation’s oldest city. You will visit the St. Augustine lighthouse, where a terrible tragedy occurred. In April 1851, the lighthouse was was smashed on the rocks as 100 mph winds took over. Joe Wilson and Joe Antoine were in the lighthouse at the time. Wilson’s body was found on Gull Island, while Antoine’s was found at Nantasket Beach. You will also be led into the “Old Jail,” which is considered the town’s most haunted building. The Old Jail House is now a museum. It allows guests to tour the places where prisoners were kept and put to death.

Ghost Tours of St. Augustine also offers guests the opportunity to be spooked by sailboat. Guests will hop aboard “Freedom” for a one hour starlight tour. Enjoy wine, beer, soft drinks, and snacks as you listen to ghost stories and sing songs. I would choose the sailboat tour because I love being on the water. This tour sounds spooky, but it does not sound as intense as the walking or trolley tour.

2. Oregon, Shanghai Tunnels Tour in Portland

The Cascade Geographic Society offers tours of the Shanghai Tunnels in Portland. You will enjoy an hour and a half tour, led by a tour guide. Visitors will get a chance to view a segment of the once-hidden world of shanghaiing. The “Shanghaiing Trade” existed in Portland back when it was considered a Victorian Settlement. Men and women became victims of the shanghaiing. Women were carried through the shanghai tunnels and sold into “white slavery.” Men were sold to sea captains who needed more men for their crew. Men were slipped “knock-out drops” and sold to sea captains for $50 to $55. When these men awoke, they found themselves aboard ships in the Pacific Ocean. I am thankful that I did not live in Portland during the Victorian Settlement.

3. Georgia, Hearse Tour in Savannah

Having taken the Hearse Tour in Savannah, my husband claims it to be the best ghost tour of his life. It is his favorite ghost tour because it takes place in a hundred year old city built over the dead. During your ghost tour, you will ride in a hearse that was in service for 15 year. The hearse will take you through cemeteries and historic cobblestone streets of Savannah. Tours last approximately one and a half hours. While I didn’t get a chance to go on this ghost tour with my husband, I hope to experience it in the future.

Savannah has a violent past that includes the capture of General Sherman during the Civil War. Savannah also served as a Revolutionary War battleground. In addition, Alice Riley is said to haunt Wright Square. Alice Riley was a servant for William Wise. Riley was put to death along with Richard White, for the murder of Mr. Wise.

4. Louisiana, New Orleans Ghost Tour

New Orleans is considered the most haunted city in America by some. The New Orleans Ghost Tour takes you to the past as you follow your tour guide for a two hour adventure. As part of your tour you will visit sights of documented hauntings, ghosts, and spirits. If you have ever wanted to visit a haunted bar, you will get to do so as part of the New Orleans Ghost Tour. It is said that spirits and ghosts still haunt the Vieux Carre, which is a French Quarter residence. Your tour takes you through French Quarter residences that had astonishing events take place in the past. This tour makes me think of “Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island,” because the animated movie takes place in New Orleans. With three children I have seen this movie several times. Scooby-Doo may be enough to give the kids a fright, but if you want a real scare head to the New Orleans Ghost Tour.

5. California, San Francisco Haunted Haight Walking Tour

The San Francisco Haunted Haight Walking Tour offers a supernatural history lesson and tour in one. You will get to see homes of infamous cult leaders and murderers. You will learn about ghosts in the Haight-Ashbury, which is a district within San Francisco. San Francisco has a history of serial killing, assassination, and terrorism. One of the most famous unsolved crimes involving a serial killer took place in San Francisco. The serial killer is known by the name of the Zodiac Killer, and his identity is still a mystery. Just reading and writing about this ghost tour gives me chills up my spine!

Are you ready for a chilling ghost tour? If you decide not to travel to one of the listed ghost tours, check to see if there is a ghost tour near where you live.

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