If I was President of the United States

If I Was President of the United States, I would cut spending in half. I would look at the country’s budget and trim pay for senators, representatives, and myself. After all, I live rent free, so I don’t need all of that money and, let’s face it senators and representatives don’t really need to live in six houses, do they?

I would trim government employee benefits. They no longer would receive full health benefits for the rest of their lives while the average American is taxed on it. I would cut the monies being paid out after they and I lost the next election. Once again, the American taxpayer should not have to pay out huge salaries for someone who got voted out.

I would handle disagreements with other countries differently. I would sit down with them and I would have a give and take session with their leaders. I would recognize the fact that some countries deserve more respect than what they receive from us as a nation. As Americans we function as if we are better than everyone. If that is true, then why is our economy in such a shambles? I’ll tell you why. It’s because even our government doesn’t know how to manage its monies.

I would regulate banks and corporations. Corporations own banks, by regulating the corporations, they would have to step out of the banking industry. Then small business would have a fighting chance for survival and our economy would improve, but then again, with all of these changes, our economy would improve.

If I was President of the United States, another politician would rapidly replace me because many corporations would get together and destroy my reputation in the only way they know how. I would either be elected out or run out. Other politicians would back them to destroy me. But I would have tried.

Now you know why no one but us, as consumers, can fix the country, so get out and fire the banks and credit cards by refusing to use your cards and shopping at the small businesses. If enough of us do it, Americans will go back to work and the economy will improve. If we let the corporations run America our financial situations will not improve.

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