Revisiting Bowling

Young or old, everyone likes to have fun. Yet it is rare to find a sport that is enjoyable for children and adults of both genders. Bowling is such a sport. Men, women, boys, and girls – they can compete against one another or with one another in bowling. Almost anyone of any age can have a great time bowling.

When given the opportunity to choose between physical activity or playing a video game, children today often choose the video game. Not surprisingly, childhood obesity has increased dramatically. Obesity affects a child’s health and confidence now and into adulthood. Children learn from watching their parents, and it is never too early for a parent to teach a child to be physically active. Bowling is an excellent but safe way for parent and child to exercise together while being out of the heat, cold, or other elements.

Bowling centers are exciting to children. The sounds of the bowling balls crashing against the pins, the balls bouncing onto the hardwood and whirling down the lanes, the noises and laughter from the crowd, the flashing lights, the sounds from arcade games and billiards being played across the way, the smell of food cooking on the grill – at times, the atmosphere in a bowling center is carnivalesque to a child. Take one look at the joy in a child’s face when he or she rolls the ball down the lane and sends pins flying. One would be hard pressed to find a child who does not enjoy the game of bowling.

House balls are provided at no charge. Packages including shoe rental, food, beverages, and bowling games are available to make bowling outings more affordable. Lighter and smaller balls, ball ramps, and lane bumpers are furnished to assist younger children as they learn to bowl. Parent and child may choose to bowl a single game, or they may bowl and be entertained for hours on end.

Most bowling centers can accommodate parties and other large groups. Bowling birthday parties or simple bowling parties are treats for children. Upon advance request, many bowling centers will provide a small trophy for each child participant. Rest assured that a child and his or her friends will fondly remember a bowling party for years to come.

Bowling is basically an easy sport to learn but challenging to perfect. The rules are not complicated, and scores are tallied automatically. Although lessons are certainly not required for bowling to be fun, learning the proper technique in the beginning is always a good idea when taking up any new sport. Breaking bad habits is much more difficult than learning to do something correctly from the start. Lessons are usually offered at local bowling centers for a fee. Additionally, free instructional videos are available online.

Bowling with a child is enriching for both parent and child. It provides an opportunity to bond, to teach good sportsmanship, to meet new people and make new friends, to exercise while having fun, and to learn a popular sport that can be enjoyed together for decades. For those interested in becoming more competitive bowlers, amateur bowling teams and leagues are a big part of the sport. Furthermore, Olympic and professional opportunities await those who develop into dedicated, accomplished bowlers.

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